2024 PPE for Telecom Workers: Hazard ID, Selection, and Use

2024 PPE for Telecom Workers: Hazard ID, Selection, and Use Training

The training will provide in-depth education on the applicable Standards, Regulations, and Reference Documents encompassing PPE, JHA Development, Hierarchy of Controls (how to eliminate hazards prior to use of PPE), Fall Protection-specific PPE, Climbing Facilities, Safety Equipment Manufacturers Committee PPE Testing, and the ANSI/ASSP A10.48 – Standard for Telecommunications. In addition, the curriculum will include pertinent OSHA information regarding employer responsibilities, worker rights, and whistleblower laws and complaint procedures (including time constraints).

By providing comprehensive training on hazard identification, proper selection, and use of PPE, telecom workers can better protect themselves from the diverse range of hazards they encounter on the job.

Registering your employees for this complimentary, comprehensive PPE training provided by NATE and supported by a U.S. Department of Labor Susan Harwood Training grant (SH-0000003-SH3) is a proactive step towards creating a safer workplace environment.

1/24/2024 - 10/1/2024
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